Agency History

Independent Agents of Kentucky was originally founded in 1958 by Barry Easley. Joe Borsch joined Mr. Easley during the 1970’s and they operated under the name Easley & Borsch. Mr. Easley retired and sold out to Mr. Borsch in the late 1980’s. Around that time, the company acquired a small agency with the name Independent Agents of Bardstown and Mr. Borsch changed the company name to Independent Agents of Louisville.

In 1983, Stephen Corey affiliated with Guide One Insurance as an agent building an agency from scratch. In 1984 he became an Agency Manager for GuideOne and for seven years was responsible for hiring and training agents while still building and operating an agency. In 1991, he founded Corey Insurance and became a special agent for GuideOne, specializing in Personal, Church, and Senior Living Facility insurance and also began to represent several additional companies.

In 1990, Wayne Young joined GuideOne as an agent. In 1991, he founded Young Insurance and also became a special agent representing GuideOne and several other top carriers. Wayne also specialized in Personal and Church insurance. Corey Insurance and Young Insurance operated as a partnership for twenty six years. Both have been consistent top performers for their companies.

After six years as an Allstate agent, Sam Lotze acquired Independent Agents of Louisville from Joe Borsch in 2010. Sam changed the name one last time to Independent Agents of Kentucky. In 2017, Independent Agents of Kentucky, Corey Insurance, and Young Insurance all merged together and all now operate under the name Independent Agents of Kentucky. Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in the insurance industry!

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